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Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre

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Welcome to our on-line shop
Please follow the instructions below to purchase gift vouchers for experiences, bird sponsorship, and season tickets. The PayPal buttons are also used to confirm bookings for experiences.
Experience Gift Vouchers
Please select the gift voucher you wish to purchase, click the "Buy Now" button, follow the instructions on the "Paypal" page, ensuring you complete the "Buyer Instructions", should you wish the voucher mailed direct to the recipient.


Please click on the relevant PayPal button and follow the instructions to confirm a booking.

Hawk Walk - £35           

Hawk Walk for Two - £60

Meet the Owls Experience - £60

Meet the Owls Experience for Two - £100

Meet the Birds Experience - £100

Meet the Birds Experience for Two - £150

Hunting Expedition - £125
Hunting Expedition for Two - £200

Centre Experience Day - £175
Centre Experience Day for Two - £275

Spectator - £10

Bird Sponsorship Gift Vouchers
Under "Buyer Instructions", please confirm the name of the person that should appear on the certificate, postal address, and the name of the bird, if known.
Bird Sponsorship

Please click on the relevant PayPal button and follow the instructions.

Small Owl - £35

Medium Owl - £50  
Large Owl - £75

Kestrel - £35

Falcons - £50

Hawks - £75

Small Eagle - £100

Golden Eagle - £150

Season Tickets

Under "Buyer Instructions", please provide the name of the person that should appear on the pass, together with the posal address where the pass should be mailed to.

Child - £15

Concession - £25

Adult - £35

Other Goods or Services
If you have already contacted us about purchasing other goods or services, and wish to pay for these on-line, then please use the button below to process the payment. Upon confirmation of payment received, we will contact you, or post the goods to you.