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What is Conservation ? Conservation is the preservation of natural habitat and native species of Flora and Fauna, Plants and Wildlife. Conservation may include the introduction, or re-introduction of native species, the destruction of non-native or invasive species, and strict laws and enforcement to ensure the success of conservation projects.

I am not an expert, but I do have an opinion. This has all been said before, the human race is the only species that has influenced our planet far beyond it's entitlement. We, as a species, have consumed resources at an alarming rate, to the detriment of everything else. The forests have gone, the seas are polluted, and we have poisoned much of the land with chemicals. Our priority as a species now is self preservation, IVF, transplants, anti-biotics, surgery, so prolonging life and increasing the population. Our gene pool is already diluted, and it seems we are on the path to self-extinction.

We as a species have a responsibility. Unfortunately, I imagine 98% of the human species don't care about anything other than where their next meal is coming from, or, how much money can they make by exploiting the resources of the planet. Those that live from day to day in poverty, on the verge of starvation, have other priorities. Those that have the power and influence, only care about the dividend to the shareholder. So, there are very few who are burdened with the task of preserving nature. Small voices in a massive world. We have two choices, put nature in a glass case and preserve it, or, integrate fully. The latter is a non-starter.

For millions of years, species have existed through a process called natural selection. Weak, injured, and the older members of the species were predated or died. Predators survive through reducing their exposure to risk, they predate the weak, sick, old and injured, as they are the ones that are easily caught. Predator/Prey dependency has existed for millions of years. This has ensured only the strong live to breed, ensuring the strong genes are passed on, generation after generation. We have eradicated apex predators where we classed them as competition, or a threat to our livelihood. We have caused the imbalance in natural evolution. I'm fed up with the expression, "nature will find a balance". It can't, because we have tipped the balance too far. We, as the "apex predator" have to take responsibility for the preservation of other species where we can. Remove the sick, injured, old, and weak. Cull those that would spread weak genes, otherwise, we will cause their extinction through over protection.

To be continued...................