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Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre

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Bird of Prey Experiences

Why not participate in one of our many Experience Sessions, giving you a unique opportunity to get up-close with our birds.
Hawk Walk - £35
Enjoy the spectacle of the Hawk flying in a natural setting. We will provide instruction on the safe practice to fly the Hawk, then you will fly one of our Hawks, flying the bird through the trees and to the glove.
NOTE : Age limit 12+   AVAILABLE : September - March

Meet the Owls Experience - £60
Spend a few fun filled hours getting to know our Owls. Learn about their unique abilities, and diverse habitats. Learn about their silent flight, amazing eyesight, and remarkable hearing. You will enjoy handling a selection of our owls, from the Little Owl, up to the largest, the European Eagle Owl. NOTE : Age limit 12+
Meet the Birds Experience - £100
Spend a few hours in the company of some of our amazing Owls and Hawks. Learn about their hunting skills, and unique features. Enjoy an encounter with an Eagle Owl, meet and handle a selection of Hawks and Owls, and, possibly handle our Golden Eagle. NOTE : Age limit 16+
             Small & silent                                     Just a little bit bigger
Hunting Expedition - £125
Take part in the ancient sport of falconry. The pursuit of quarry in it's natural habitat using a trained Bird of Prey. Our Hunting Season commences on 1st October, and finishes 31st January. Rabbits may be hunted outside those dates, depending on weather, breeding, etc. A hunting session may comprise one or two sessions, depending on land and quarry. You will take part in the hunting session, slipping the Hawk in pursuit of it's quarry. This activity demonstrates the skill and determination of these winged predators. NOTE : Age limit 18+  AVAILABLE : October - February

Centre Experience Day - £175
Become a keeper for the day, you can participate in the daily routine of the centre. Help with the cleaning, maintenance, learn basic handling skills and the Falconers' knot. Take part in training or flying some of the birds. A session will be set aside, either to fly a bird, or hunting, depending on the season. Become part of the team, learning about individual birds, species, habitat and conservation. NOTE : Age limit 16+  AVAILABLE : September - March

If you wish to discuss a tailor-made package for someone special, please call, we will be happy to customise a package to suit your requirements.
 Please Note : Experiences must be booked in advance.
To make an advance booking, please contact us to arrange a date and time. Confirmation of the booking will only take place when payment has been received. To make a payment, please click on the link below and follow the instructions on the relevant PayPal button.

Click here to confirm booking

Gift Vouchers are available for all experiences

 Experience Sessions are 1:1 or 2:1, we can cater for larger parties by special arrangement. By dedicating our time to one or two individuals, we can ensure the participants get the most from the experience. All activities within the Bird of Prey Centre, or associated with the operation of the centre, are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Discounts are available for two people or more, (see the On-Line Shop).
Discounts are available for pre-booked parties of two or more. Please contact us for details.